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'Woodshed Products' with the exception of the bookstore,
has closed down.

After over 30 years spent grinding my finger joints into the misshapen mess that they now are, with the final straw being the decline in the building industry,
I have chosen to do something else while I still can. I have stopped, given up, retired, -call it what you will. This website is only here until I decide what to do with it.

Those who were hoping to get something turned I refer to the Register of Professional Turners.

Those who were wanting news of the RS3000 Electronic Ornamental Turning Device,
or the progress of the Woodshed MkVII OTD,
I'm sorry, development is suspended until I am approached by someone interested and capable of taking it over.

I have recently been told that an RS3000 has become available for a new home in the USA.  It is the 110v version.  Presently in CA, if you send me your contact details I will pass them on to the current owner.
Obviously there is only one of these, so its 'first come first served'  Good luck...




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